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Mecome main field is the automation of welding positioning stages (MIG/MAG, TIG, Submerged Arc, Plasma, Laser) but over the years Mecome has built systems for plasma cutting, part verification, bending, handling, etc. (Ns. Production is not limited to the field of welding, but is addressed to construct plants to optimize quality and productivity of products in large series).

Today Mecome, with thirty years of experience in welding design and manufacture of automatic systems, is able to offer solutions for any type of welding application, offering a range of standard welding machines and an endless automatic welding solutions and a variety of customization options to be realized on project .

All Welding Plants built in Mecome are mainly welding dedicated systems, designed, developed and assembled according to the needs and habits of technical customers users.The study of the welding plants is handled internally at both the mechanical and electronic basis of the information received and then clarified and developed in collaboration with the customer.




Our customers are manufacturers of tanks (water, LPG, food, silos, beer, etc.) compressors, of furniture, of earthmoving equipment, material for kitchens, bicycles, air bags, pumps immersion cars, ambulances, of carpentry, air conditioning systems, equipment for sport, of materials for the aerospace, equipment for panel beaters, of stairs, security doors, hydraulic cylinders, coffee machines, cement mixers , of material in wrought iron, of cranes, of naval material, mufflers, autoclaves, heat exchangers, of materials for civil and industrial heating and other.

Thanks to the endless flexibility in design and operation, to the great attention to customer needs, to a highly qualified technical staff and a pinch of creativity, Mecome products are sold successfully worldwide.

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