Welding plant & automatic welding technologies

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Mecome projects, engineers, manufactures and supplies robotic systems for welding, welding machines, welding robots, controllers, software, linear units, machines in motion multi-axis positioners, manipulators.

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Our Products


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MECOME products are a mix of technology, know-how and creativity. The strength of MECOME is in his technical staff, capable of build machines and plants with great competence, flexibility and precision.

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progetto utecThanks to the know-how of its technicians, MECOME is a leader in the engineering and implementation of automated welding systems and welding systems customized and automated for the specific needs of the customer.

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Post-sales service


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The after sales service of MECOME includes training, maintenance program, assistance in case of anomalies, service of diagnostic and remote checking, online support and mantainance and spare parts.

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Automation Welding Plant  , Automation welding Technology

and creativity since 1984...



Since 1984, MECOME is dedicated to development of industrial automation and welding automation providing mostly dedicated plants, wich means to design and to develop tailor made solutions according to customers needs and habits.

MECOME's main field started being industrial processes automation - welding automation and along the years turned into the more specific field of welding (MIG/MAG welding, TIG welding,  SAW Submerged Arc welding, Plasma welding, Laser welding) providing innovative installations for plasma cutting, positioning, checking pieces, bending, handling and much more.
Mecome offers solutions for various applications of automatic welding and robotic plant across a wide range of standard machines and customized plants, making them from a specific project.madeinitaly low

The constant search for the innovation and flexibility in design and implementation, makes Mecome a well known brand appreciated all over the world for the accuracy and reliability of its products as well as for technical assistance efficiency.
MECOME's products are all designed, projected, assembled, programmed and tested in Italy at the plant in Arsego (Padua).

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